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The company name, Three Arrows, incorporates our strong desire to provide people both in Japan and overseas with an abundant lifestyle through the added value that our company generates in the future based on our Three Business Pillars.
Planning, Production, and Distribution: our company is characterized by our strength—the ability to connect all aspects of business through these three, completing the entire production-delivery process within the company, from planning through production to product delivery. This is the foundation of our business activities.
Furthermore, based on our three philosophies of always persevere, always be diligent, and always be modest, we pursue our business activities with an unbendable spirit.

Three Arrows’ aim is to contribute to the maximization of customers’ profits by thinking creatively to generate unprecedented ideas and technologies. We wish to deliver smiles and happiness to all end-users.

President’s Message

I have been involved in the business of making clothing for more than 20 years, and in carrying out this work, something that I have felt strong doubts about is restraints particular to the clothing industry. From planning an item of clothing through to it being displayed in a store, many middlemen and staff are involved in the clothing production process, including designers, marketers, trading companies, and distributors.
Naturally, if profits are to be distributed to all participants in the production process, the prices of the products reaching the hands of end-users must necessarily be high. I strongly believe that this restraint particular to the clothing industry is causing consumers to shun the clothing industry.
I want to move away from established apparel industry procedures and create clothing freely from the perspective of consumers. This desire is the basis for my founding Three Arrows and the driving force for company operations ever since.
 AT Three Arrows, all aspects of clothing production—from planning and design through production, distribution, and delivery to inspection—are carried out by the one company, enabling us to achieve a reduction in costs of up to around 30%. I firmly believe that, if this enables the retailers who are our trading partners to provide high-quality products at low prices, it will lead to tremendous happiness for end-users.
For men with families in particular, fashion is becoming increasingly out of reach. While fashion unavoidably prioritizes women and children, at Three Arrows we want men to also be able to feel comfortable taking casual fashion items in their hands and enjoy the pleasure of choosing clothes.By creating a company that enables to choose stylish clothing on a limited budget, I hope to provide many customers with a sense of excitement.

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Company Name Three Arrows Corporation
President Tomoshige Nakamura
Address 303-2 Nagaike, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. 501-6063
TEL +81-58-374-5777
FAX +81-58-374-5778
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